1) How Do The Loyalty Points Work?

1 point = 5 pence
£20 spent  = £1 earned
£60 spent  = £3 earned
£120 spent  = £6 earned
£18 spent  = £9 earned
£200 spent  = £11 earned

Once reached 60 points you can redeem against the cost of the goods or you can save it.

The Points remain valid for 3 months, which is based on your last order date, so every order will extend the validality of the points for this amount. So for example if you have 100 points which expire within the 3 months  and you place another order within the 3 months, it will extend the validaity of your first 100 points plus your new points for another x months and so on.

You will be informed of your loyalty points earned at the checkout stage.

2) Where Is Your Biltong and Drywors Produced?

The Biltong, Drywors and Snapsticks are made in a special drying room within the shop.  This is made on a daily basis.

3) How Long Does The Biltong and Drywors Last?

If you leave it in the fridge with the bag open it can last one to two weeks, it will however dry out more within this time. The same if the bag is left open outside of the fridge (unless your dog gets hold of it first :)).  If freezing, the texture of the Biltong or Drywors will stay the same, as when you put it into the freezer. If you leave the bag closed over a period of a week, the Biltong or Drywors will go mouldy due to moisture.

4) Is The Biltong and Drywors Gluten Free?

The product is not gluten free.

5) What Payment Methods Do You Have?

All payments via online orders are taken through Paypal which is safe and secure.  You can either use your Paypal account and log in at checkout, or if you don't have a Paypal account, Paypal gives you an option to use your debit/credit card.

Alternatively, if you call us to make a phone order we can take a telephone payment via our commercial card service which is also safe and secure. We do not retain any of your card details in keeping with the Data Protection Act.

6) Where Is Your Shop Located?

If you click on our directions and map tab, you will get the address, telephone number, directions and a virtual tour of the shop.

7) What Is The Delivery Cost?

All orders up to £75 online or the telephone, the delivery charge is a one off £7.98 up to 30kg.

8) How Long Will It Take To Have My Order Delivered?

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.  Depending on requirement of your order for Biltong, Drywors or Snapticks, it can take up to 5 days if more drying time is needed.

9) Do You Offer Free Delivery?

All orders online or via the phone that are over £75 qualify for free delivery.

10) Do You Do Saturday Deliveries?

Unfortunately no, as it works out very expensive for the customers and most people are not prepared to pay the cost.  However if you do need it by the Saturday because it is urgent just call us on the day you place the order, we can take a phone payment and have it delivered for a Saturday. The cost would be £12.98 (we need to know before 12pm the day before).

11) Have You Got A Refund Policy?

Yes,  If you are not happy with the product, just return it back to us as sent and we will refund the order.  We are not liable for return costs.