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The difference between Biltong and Jerky?  Biltong is dry cured over a period of time, not cooked and we add no preservatives. By dry curing it, the Biltong has a soft texture when you chew it.  Jerky on the other hand is cooked, normally, for around 6 hours and is saturated with preservatives.  

We make fresh Biltong daily!  Awesomely delicious. We vacuum seal it for freshness for postage.  

Kevin our fully qualified butcher has been making Biltong for over 35 years!  Having owned several successful Butcheries back home, including supplying some of the most lucrative Companies from The Hilton Hotels, Spur Steak Ranches to the Holiday Inns and having served over 35 years in the industry, we ensure The Bok and Rose delivers products that are unparalleled in taste, quality and price.

Like he puts it: “You see, many people try to make biltong, but if you don’t have the technique, you ain’t gonna get it right!

All the other South African Shops may state they are the best, but once you try ours, you will then know they are not telling the truth. 

‚ÄčOur customers state they have bought all over the UK and South Africa, and no-one comes close to us.

Try us and you be the judge.
The BEST TASTING South African Biltong Shop In The UK, Judged By All Our HAPPY CUSTOMERS! 

Gold Star Awarded!

NB: Due to the nature of the product, it might need some additional time to dry.  Therefore, please allow up to 5 working days for delivery.